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Thanks for coming to check out my indoor garden! I apologize for not completing this page, but hey, there's plenty of content on this page for you to check out! If you want to see more of my garden, drop me a line or like this page. Hell, if you really enjoyed it, consider checking out an ad while you are here to help support this website. :)


↓ Schlumbergera truncata ↓

The Schlumbergera truncata (Xmas Cactus) is native to Brasil, etc...

Schlumbergera truncata (White)

↓ Amaryllis Minerva ↓

The Amaryllis minerva is a misnomer. It is actually not an Amaryllis at all...

Amaryllis Minerva (Red)

↓ Schlumbergera buckleyi ↓

The Schlumbergera buckleyi (Crab Cactus) and often mistaken for the Xmas Cactus above.

Schlumbergera buckleyi (Red)

↓ Candy Cane Zinnia ↓

Zinnia elegans cultivar

Candy Cane Zinnia

↓ Maximilian sunflower ↓

Helianthus maximiliani

Maximilian Yellow Sunflower
Giant Yellow Sunflower #2

↓ Sunset Red Giant Sunflower ↓

Helianthus annuus

Sunset Red Giant Sunflower

↓ Gallardia Goblin ↓

To be added soon!

↓ Coleus Rainbow Mix ↓

To be added soon!


↓ Thai Chili ↓

Bird's Eye Chili

Thai Hot Pepper Plant 2nd generation
Thai Hot Pepper Plant 1st generation
Thai Hot Pepper Plant 1st generation

↓ Trinidad Scorpion Butch T ↓

Former Hottest Pepper In The World!

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pic from my Instagram account (hence 500x500 dimensions)
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper plant with 8 pods in view
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper harvest

↓ Numex Big Jim ↓

Created by New Mexico State University.

Numex [not so] Big Jim

↓ Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) ↓

Former Hottest Pepper In The World!

Ghost Pepper / Bhut Jolokia Pepper

↓ Carolina Reaper *Hottest In The World* ↓

Current World Record Holder!

Young Carolina Reaper pepper plant

↓ Cardinal Red Sweet ↓

Bell Pepper

↓ Bolivian Rainbow ↓

Chili Pepper Madness

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Flower
Bolivian Rainbow Peppers

↓ Thai Chili x Trinidad Scorpion Butch HYBRID ↓

This was an accidental cross-pollenation that frankly, I didn't think was possible. This plant produces EXTREME heat in a very small pod!

Thai Butch Hybrid (accidental)


↓ Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple Tomato) ↘

Territorial Seed Company

Ananas Noire Tomato fruit
Cloning the Ananas Noire in a Dutch Bros Coffee cup (root stimulation)

Ananas Noire Tomato flesh / cut in half
Tomato Tree 1

↓ Beefsteak ↓

My three Beefsteak Tomato plants are the tallest ones on the right out of the plants on the floor. I never really bothered to take pictures of them. They didn't grow well indoors. They exploded in growth once they were planted outside though.

Beefsteak Tomato x3 on the right of the Ananas Noire Tomato

↓ Tomatillo (Verde) ↓

When it comes to Tomatillos, I suggest you NEVER grow them indoors. They make a huge mess by constantly dropping flowers that dry and flake-off everywhere! Not worth the immense amount of water they require indoors in my opinion.

Tomatillo vines

Herbs / Salad Greens

↓ Greek Yevani Basil (Globe) ↓

↓ Lemon Thyme ↓

↓ Thai Basil ↓

↓ Shiso Perila (Japanese Basil) ↓

↓ Giant Curled Mustard Greens ↓

↓ Rainbow Swiss Chard ↓

↓ [Bolting] Red Romaine Lettuce ↓

↓ Stevia ↓

Tropical / Houseplants

↓ Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum' (Spider Plant) ↓


↓ Unknown Cane/Bamboo ↓

Unknown bamboo-like cane or grass, possibly belonging to the Arundinaria Genus.

↓ Strobilanthes dyerianus (Persian Shield) ↓

Strobilanthes Genus

↓ Crassula ovata (Jade Tree) ↓

Crassula ovata


↓ Abies grandis (Coast Grand Fir) ↓

Abies grandis wiki

↓ European Mountain Ash ↓

Scorbus aucuparia

↓ Staghorn Sumac ↓

The calculations below assume that the power company charges $.06 per kiloWatt-Hour. Another point to make is that I usually only run the box fan on low (low @ 62.5V instead of 125V), so the cost would be considerably less. I don't have a meter to measure the power consumed to be exact, but I think this is enough detail information anyways! :)

Setup / Power Consumption:

Light Output (Lumens)

Power (Watts)

Product & Power Cost ($USD)

Lithonia Lighting T8 tube Fixtures (x3)

These fixtures each hold two T8 (32-Watt) tubes. I have a grand total of six T8 tubes. Each fixture didn't include a power cord. I bought three 8ft, 3-prong power tool cords at $9.56/ea. Each 32W T8 tube has a light output of 2750 Lumens.

2750L x 6 = 16,500L

32W x 6 = 192W
12h x .192kW = 2.304kWh

Fixture Cost = $22.97 x 3 = $68.91
Cord Cost = $9.56 x 3 = $28.68
Total Product Cost = $97.59

2.304kWh x $.06/kWh = $.14/day
$.14/day x 30d = $4.20/month

Compact Flourescent Bulbs (x3)

1300L x 3 = 3900L

19W x 3 = 57W
12h x .057kW = .684kWh

.684kWh x $.06/kWh = $.041/day
$.041/d x 30d = $1.23/month

Philips LED


12h x .012kW = .144kWh

.144kWh x $.06/kWh = $.00864/day
$.00864/d x 30d = $.26/month

Box Fan @ 62.5V

This fan is plugged into a travel Voltage Converter. It is designed to convert 220/240V to what the US uses- 110/120V. I measured the AC supply voltage in my house to be 125V. This converter cuts voltage in half. So everybody should know that:
Volts x Amps = Watts.

  • 125V x 2.1A [Fan requires 2.1A of Current] = 262.5W
  • W/converter: 62.5V x 2.1A = 131.25W

When using the converter, the fan spins at nearly half the speed on each setting! The Low setting is virtually silent, and a great way to save power!

131.25W (on High)
12h x .13125kWh = 1.575kWh

24h x .13125kWh = 3.15kWh

1.575kWh x $.06/kWh = $.0945/day [12h]
$.0945/d x 30d = $2.835/month [12h]

3.15kWh x $.06/kWh = $.189/day [24h]
$.189/d x 30d = $5.67/month [24h]

Seed Germination Mat

This mat can potentially provide space for 68 peat pellets, each sprouting a seedling.

24h x .017kWh = .408kWh

.408kWh x $.06/kWh = $.02448/day
$.02448/d x 30d = $.7344/month


21,230 Lumens!

5.115kWh [fan= HIGH 12h]

6.69kWh [fan= HIGH 24h]

$.31/day [fan= HIGH 12h]
$9.30/month [fan= HIGH 12h]

$.40/day [fan= HIGH 24h]
$12.0936/month [fan= HIGH 24h]