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This is the official webpage for our community volunteer group. This page will host links to various files and other information relevant to the group. Currently this page is part of my personal website hosted in my home, but if this takes off, a domain name and dedicated server will be used instead. I will be sure to keep everyone updated with whatever plans we finalize either through the Facebook Group, or on here, so be sure to bookmark this page for the updates to come! :)

Future Volunteer Events

If you have any suggestions on something we can do as a group to help out the community, don't hesitate to ask!

Top Volunteers
(as of 03/28/2015)

Alex G.

10.5 hours

Tyler E.

8.5 hours

Michael J.

3.67 hours

Cody C.

3.5 hours

John B.

2.5 hours

Chris W.

2.25 hours

Dominic P.

0.5 hours

Past Volunteer Events

03/07/2015 - Ms. Lewis County Pageant (3.5hrs)

First of all, I apologize for the picture, as taking pictures at each event was an afterthought. This was the very first event that we volunteered for as a small group. There were only 3 of us involved, but this is when we started thinking about creating a volunteer group in order to get more people working to improve their community. This event lasted 3.5 Hours. Work completed includes:

  • Loading truck from storage facility in Napavine.
  • Unloading stage equipment @ R.E. Bennet Elementary in Chehalis.
  • Followed concise direction to construct the stage scaffolding as a team

03/15/2015 - Ms. Lewis County Pageant (2.5hrs)

After the event ended, we came back to help again. This time there were 5 of us, so it went much faster! We set a record for the fastest deconstruction of the stage equipment yet!

  • Deconstructing the scaffolding while keeping labeled parts seperate.
  • loading all of the equipment into the truck at R.E. Bennet.
  • Unloading at a storage unit in Napavine.
Ms Lewis County stage take-down (empty auditorium)

03/26/2015 - Centralia Friends of the Library Book Sale (2.5hrs)

There wasn't much forewarning with this event, as I checked my email, I read it was only a week away. This was the first event that was created through our Facebook group. Although 7 people RSVP'd, only 4 from our group showed up. But we did a lot of heavy lifting and made some great connections through members of the Friends of the Centralia Library. We also recieved 5 free books of our choice for our hard work. It was well worth it!

  • Setting up tables and chairs in the conference room.
  • Moving boxes of Books, DVDs, & Games from the garage to the conference room.
  • Arranging (& re-arranging) all items by genera.

03/28/2015 - Centralia Friends of the Library Book Sale Day-2 (2hrs)

Event was from 3pm until 5pm. The goal was to clear the room we filled up on the first day. I was the only volunteer on day two.

  • Filled boxes of books by genera.
  • Moved boxes back to the garage with a hand-truck.
  • Collapsed tables, and put away.
  • Removed signs on wall using a ladder.
Friends of the Centralia TRL Book Sale picture.